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Nominations for 2018 Fellows

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Outstanding members of The Society of Rheology, who have contributed to rheology through the science, technological accomplishments, peer-reviewed literature, and/or service can be nominated for Fellowship in The Society of Rheology. The Qualifications are given in details by Section 7 of ARTICLE VII of the SoR Rules. Only SoR members in good standing for at least eight years are eligible for this member category.

The application process consists of submitting the following documents:

  1. A nomination letter from someone other than the nominee.
  2. A two-page description of contributions to rheology.
  3. A curriculum vitae of the nominee containing a list of publications, patents, and other relevant information.
  4. A “Highlights of Accomplishment” document of 3000 characters maximum length that will be used for web-biography of the Fellow should the nominee be selected. New this year!

Note: It is the nominator's and nominee's joint responsibilities to ensure that the nominee has been a member in good standing for at least eight years, or the nomination may be invalid.

These documents should be combined into a single PDF and uploaded at https://www.rheology.org/SoRFellowNom/, following the instructions found there. The single concatenated PDF file must not exceed 3 MB. The deadline for submission is MARCH 15, 2018.

No more than 0.5% of the Society membership may be selected in a given year, so that a maximum of seven new Fellows can be selected in 2018. Please note those who are already Fellows can be found here.

Members of the SoR Executive Committee are ineligible until two years after completion of their term. Ineligible Executive Committee members are found at these links: 2015-2017 Executive Committee and 2013-215 Executive Committee.

New Fellows will be selected by the SoR Fellowship Committee, currently chaired by Paula Moldenaers (paula.moldenaers@kuleuven.be), and confirmed by the SoR Executive Committee. Nominators will be informed of the outcome shortly thereafter. New Fellows will be named publicly in the Rheology Bulletin and at the next Annual meeting.

Nominations that are not successful in their first year will be automatically carried over for two additional years, after which they must be refreshed by a new submission, or they will be dropped from consideration.

We are especially keen to receive industrial rheologists into the ranks of the the Fellows.

[SoR Fellowship][SoR Fellows]

Please e-mail suggestions and comments to albertco@umche.maine.edu.
Updated 29 January 2018