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Journal of Rheology Publication Award Recipients

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S. G. Hatzikiriakos and J. M. Dealy (1994)
McGill University
“Wall slip of molten high density polyethylenes. II. Capillary rheometer studiesJ. Rheol., 36(4), 703-741 (1992).
“Role of slip and fracture in the oscillating flow of HDPE in a capillary J. Rheol., 36(5), 845-884 (1992).
T. Annable, R. Buscall, R. Ettelaie, and D. Whittlestone (1995)
ICI Corporate Colloid Science Group, UK
“The rheology of solutions of associating polymers: Comparison of experimental behavior with transient network theoryJ. Rheol., 37(4), 695-726 (1993).
L. B. Chen, B. J. Ackerson, and C. F. Zukoski (1996)
University of Illinois and Oklahoma State University
“Rheological consequences of microstructural transitions in colloidal crystalsJ. Rheol., 38(2), 193-216 (1994).
I. Vinckier, P. Moldenaers, and J. Mewis (1997)
K.U. Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
“Relationship between rheology and morphology of model blends in steady shear,” J. Rheol., 40(4), 613 (1996).
M. J. MacDonald and S. J. Muller (1998)
University of California, Berkeley
“Experimental study of shear-induced migration of polymers in dilute solutions,” J. Rheol., 40(2), 259-283 (1996).
T. C .B. McLeish and R. G. Larson (1999)
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK and University of Michigan
“Molecular constitutive equations for a class of branched polymers: The pom-pom polymer,” J. Rheol., 42(1), 81-110 (1998).
D. J. Pine, Y. T. Hu, P. Boltenhagen, and E. Matthys (2000)
University of California, Santa Barbara
“Shear thickening in low-concentration solutions of worm-like micelles I: Direct visualization of transient behavior and phase transitions J. Rheol., 42(5), 1185-1208 (1998).
“Shear-thickening In low-concentration solutions of worm-like micelles II: Slip, fracture, and stability of the shear-induced phase J. Rheol., 42(5), 1209-1226 (1998).
G. Hay, K. M. Awati, and Y. Park, and M. E. Mackay (2001)
The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia
“Pressure and temperature effects in slit rheometry J. Rheol., 43(5), 1099-1116 (1999).
T. Thiele, J.-F. Berret, S. Mόller, and C. Schmidt(2002)
Universite de Montpellier II, France and Universitat Freiburg, Germany
“Rheology and NMR measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfonate/decanol/water nematicsJ. Rheol., 45(1), 29-48 (2001).
K. Krishnana), B. Chapmana), F. S. Batesa), T. P. Lodgea), K. Almdalb), and W. R. Burghardtc) (2003)
a)University of Minnesota, b)Risψ National Laboratory, and c)Northwestern University
“Effects of shear flow on a polymeric bicontinuous microemulsion: Equilibrium and steady state behavior J. Rheol., 46(2), 529-554 (2002)
Rui Zhao and Christopher W. Macosko (2004)
University of Minnesota
“Slip at polymer-polymer interfaces: Rheological measurements on coextruded multilayersJ. Rheol., 46(1), 145-167 (2002)
Steven P. Meekera), Roger T. Bonnecazeb), and Michel Cloitrea) (2005)
a)ESPCI and b)University of Texas at Austin
“Slip and flow in pastes of soft particles: Direct observation and rheology J. Rheol., 48(6), 1295-1320 (2004)
M. W. Collis1, A. K. Lele1, M. R. Mackley1, R. S. Graham2, D. J. Groves2, A. E. Likhtman2, T. M. Nicholson2, O. G. Harlen2, T. C. B. McLeish2, L. R. Hutchings3, C. M. Fernyhough4, and R. N. Young4 (2006)
1University of Cambridge, 2University of Leeds, 3University of Durham, and 4University of Sheffield
“Constriction flows of monodisperse linear entangled polymers: Multiscale modeling and flow visualizationJ. Rheol., 49(2), 501-522 (2005)
C. Clasen1, J. P. Plog1, W.-M. Kulicke1, M. Owens2, C. Macosko2, L. E. Scriven2, M. Verani3, and G. H. McKinley3 (2007)
1University of Hamburg, 2University of Minnesota, and 3Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“How dilute are dilute solutions in extensional flows?” J. Rheol., 50(6), 849-881 (2006)
Alexander Meyer, Andrew Marshall, Brian G. Bush, and Eric M. Furst (2008)
University of Delaware
“Laser tweezer microrheology of a colloidal suspension” J. Rheol., 50(1), 77-92 (2006)
Sven Reynaert1, Carlton F. Brooks2, Paula Moldenaers1, Jan Vermant1, and Gerald G. Fuller3 (2009)
1K. U. Leuven, 2Sandia National Laboratories, 3Stanford Univeristy
“Analysis of the magnetic rod interfacial stress rheometer” J. Rheol., 52(1), 261-285 (2008)
Matthias Fuchs1 and Michael E. Cates2 (2010)
1Universitδt Konstanz (Germany), 2University of Edinburgh (UK)
“A mode coupling theory for Brownian particles in homogeneous steady shear flow” J. Rheol., 53(4), 957-1000 (2009)
E. van Ruymbeke1, E. B. Muliawan2, S. G. Hatzikiriakos2, T. Watanabe3, A. Hirao3, and D. Vlassopoulos4 (2011)
1FORTH (Greece) and Universitι Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), 2University of British Columbia (Canada),  3Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), 4FORTH (Greece) and University of Crete (Greece)
“Viscoelasticity and extensional rheology of model Cayley-tree polymers of different generations” J. Rheol. 54(3), 643-662 (2010)
Ryan C. Kramb and Charles F. Zukoski (2012)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Nonlinear rheology and yielding in dense suspensions of hard anisotropic colloids” J. Rheol. 55(5), 1069-1084 (2011)
Roseanna N. Zia1 and John F. Brady2 (2013)
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
“Microviscosity, microdiffusivity, and normal stresses in colloidal dispersions” J. Rheol. 56(5), 1175-1208 (2012)
Lavanya Mohan1, Charlotte Pellet2, Michel Cloitre2, and Roger Bonnecaze1 (2014)
1Department of Chemical Engineering and Texas Materials Institute,The University of Texas at Austin; 2Matie`re Molle et Chimie, ESPCI ParisTech
“Local mobility and microstructure in periodically sheared soft particle glasses and their connection to macroscopic rheology” J. Rheol. 57(3), 1023-1046 (2013)
Romain Mari1, Ryohei Seto1, Jeffrey F. Morris2 and Morton M. Denn2 (2015)
1Benjamin Levich Institute, City College of New York, 2Benjamin Levich Institute and Department of Chemical Engineering, City College of New York
“Shear thickening, frictionless and frictional rheologies in non-Brownian suspensions” J. Rheol. 58(6), 1693-1724 (2014)
Jader Colombo1 and Emanuela Del Gado2 (2016)
1Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zόrich, 2Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zόrich and Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology and Department of Physics, Georgetown University
“Stress localization, stiffening, and yielding in a model colloidal gel” J. Rheol. 58(5), 1089-1116 (2014)
D. M. Hoyle and S. M. Fielding (2017)
Department of Physics, University of Durham
“Criteria for extensional necking instability in complex fluids and soft solids. Part I: Imposed Hencky strain rate protocol” J. Rheol. 60(6), 1347-1375 (2016)


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