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Information on PeerX-Press System

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The Society of Rheology has contracted with the AIP to use their PeerX-Press system for online submission and review of manuscripts. This system is operational as of 15 August 2005. Below is some specific information regarding the site and process.
  • ALL submissions should proceed via the website.
  • Since information from the former JOR data base has been entered into the JOR PeerX-Press data base, when an author accesses the website for the first time he/she should first check Unknown/forgotten password to see if they are already in the system. The Login Name is the email address we have on file in the old JOR data base. If he/she is not in the system, then they should register for a new account.
[JoR Home Page][Information for Contributors]

Please e-mail suggestions and comments to albertco@umche.maine.edu.
Updated 19 September 2014