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The Society has sponsored technical publication in several different journals since its formation, either as a special issue of a journal or as an independent publication. In 1957, The Society re-established its own journal, which initially appeared annually and then semiannually for several years. To provide rapid publication of papers dealing specifically with rheology, The Society in 1967 converted Transactions of The Society of Rheology into a quarterly publication. In 1978 the name was changed to the Journal of Rheology, which is now published six times per year. The American Institute of Physics has published the Journal of Rheology since 1990 for The Society of Rheology.

In addition, a news publication, the Rheology Bulletin, is issued twice a year to inform members of Society affairs and matters of general interest to rheologists (meetings both here and abroad, for example). All members receive both the Journal and the Bulletin at no extra cost.

The Society also publish the program booklets and abstract books for the Annual Meeting, distributed on site to meeting attendees. These are also available electronically at each meeting web site and here.

Updated 06 January 2011