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A Two-Day Short Course On

Rheology and Micro-rheological Measurements of Associating Complex Fluids

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Date and Location

Saturday and Sunday
October 11 and 12, 2003

The course will begin at 8:30 am, Saturday, October 11, 2003.

Sheraton Station Square Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This short course is held in conjunction with the
75th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology
October 12-16, 2003

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Prof. Robert Prud’homme (RKP)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-5263
Phone: (609) 258-4577
Fax: (609) 258-0211
E-mail: prudhomm@Princeton.edu
Prof. William Russel (WBR)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-5263
Phone: (609) 258-3035
Fax: (609) 258-6180
E-mail: wbrussel@Princeton.edu
Prof. James Harden (JH)
Department of Chemical Engineering
John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (410) 516-0170
Fax: (410) 516-5510
E-mail: harden@jhu.edu

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Course Description

Saturday: Self Assembly

          I. Introduction and overview (RKP)
  II. Forces (0.75 hr, WBR)
            LDV, hydrophobic, h-bonds, Coulombic, ionic, depletion
  III. Surfactants ( 1.5 hrs, RKP)
    Micelle shapes, tuning structures, Rheology of spheres, rods, sheets
  IV. Hydrophobically modified polymers (2 hrs, WBR)
  V. Biological systems (1.5 hrs, JH)
    Gels, sheets, vesicles, tubules
  VI. Colloidal fluids and glasses and gels (1.5 hr. WBR)
  VII. Discussion and Questions

Sunday: Rheological and Structural Measurments

          I. Classical Rheological Measurements (2.5 hrs, RKP)
            A. Definitions of material functions and flow fields
    B. Measurments and instruments
              Constant strain and constant stress
      Elongational measurements
    C. Material behavior
      Gels and gelation
      Relaxation times
      Steady, unsteady and dynamic measurements (Cox-Mertz rules)
  II. Microscale Rheological Measurements (2.5 hrs, JH)
    A. Diffusion Wave Spectroscopy
    B. Particle Tracking Measurements
    C. Magnetic and Optical Tweezers
  III. Structural Measurements (briefly!)
    A. Scattering (JH) : Light, x-ray, and neutron (2 hr, JH)
    B. Fluorescence (0.75 hr, RKP)
  IV. Discussion and Questions


A questionnaire would be sent to participants when they enroll. They would be asked to respond by email to: vczarnec@princeton.edu (Ginny Czarnecki, secretary to RKP and WBR). The survey would attempt to let us emphasize aspects of the course that are of most interest to the students. The following questions would be asked:

a) What is your current position and experience in the areas covered by the course?

b) What are your expectations for the course?

c) What particular problem(s) in the areas of complex fluids, rheological measurements, and micro-rheological measurements would you like help on?

d) Are there any research papers that you would like us to try to address or explain?

While there is no guarantee that we will be able to address each question that you have, if you give us this advanced notice we have a better chance of being able to make a contribution during the lectures or the discussion session at the end of each day. Our goal is not to lecture, but to help you learn. We look forward to your participation, and we will see you in Pittsburgh!

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Short Course Registration

Short course registration includes a complete set of course notes. Payment options are MasterCard, Visa, or check.

Registration Fee for Before 9/19/03 After 9/19/03
   Member $450 $550
      (includes membership for 2004)
$505 $605
   Student Member $250 $325
   Student Non-Member*
      (includes student membership for 2004)
$275 $350
*Non-members who are registered to attend the 75th Annual Meeting may register for the short course at the member rates.

Short Course Registration Form

Cancellations for the short course received in writing (CMU Conference Services, MG E101, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 15213) by September 19, 2003 will be refunded minus a $30 administrative charge. Cancellations after September 19, 2003 will only be refunded if the course is overbooked and the seat is refilled (again, subject to a $30.00 administrative charge).

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Questions can be directed to Professor Norman Wagner, University of Delaware, current chair of the SOR Education Committee, at Wagner@che.udel.edu.

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